Have you ever thought about visiting Florence? If you haven’t, here are some good reasons to visit: Firstly, Florence is and was one of the most populated cities of Italy, which is located in Tuscany region. Its history and past that date back to Renaissance still make Florence tourist’s favorite. City’s location and climate are the other outstanding reasons. We listed below 10 different places for you:

Historical Places

1-Piazza Del Duomo
Piazza Del Duomo (Cathedral Square) gets this name from being an area that has several places like cathedral, baptistery, museums so it is on the top of the list. You can have a walk, observe the surroundings here. Don’t forget to take photograph in this most visited location.

2-Florence Cathedral
If you want to see Gothic styled structure when you are taking a walk around Piazza Del Duomo, you are in the right place, the baptistery we pointed above is also here. The Cathedral is in the World Heritage Site List, besides it has the largest brick dome.

3-Palazzo Vecchio
Florence’s city hall hasn’t changed since mediaval times,
audiences and events are held here. This “Old Place” is impossible to unnotice. Outside the Palazzo Vecchio, there is the David sculpture by Michelangelo sembolyzing independence.

4-Campanile di Gietto
We recommend you climb the bell tower, which is approximately 84.7 meters and has breathtaking panaromic view of the city. What make the bell tower city’s most beautiful is tower’s structure.

5-The Oblate Library
When you are ending your tour around the heart of the city, The Oblate Library offers another view with a cafe upstairs. It is not just a library, you smell the history, books and coffee in company.

Natural Places

1- The Baboli Gardens
Located behind The Pitti Palace, the historical park of the city is one of the best parks present Italian gardens. People call it ‘outdoor museum’ that’s to say, you walk along the Renaissance sculptures, fountains, grottoes, lakes and other ancient or even modern spots.

2- Cinque Terre
After sightseeing the crowded centre, to see the culture closely you need to look up this marvellous area that includes 5 villages and surrounded by Mediterranean Sea. The area is in the Unesco World Heritage List, as well. You can easily accommodate in the hotels around, swim and even have a boat trip and discover the coastline.

3- Vernazza
A small fishing village Vernazza, located in Cinque Terre area is one of the best routes since it still protect its nature and environment. There are small but impressive churches and a tower, furthermore, if you are lucky you can encounter an event or feast.

4- Monterosso
The oldest and the biggest village of Cinque Terre welcomes you: Monterosso. Undoubtedly among the 5, this village is most advantageous one. You can reach by you car but we recomment you walk, smell the lemon trees, grapes, olives; so the Mediterranean climate.

5- Riomaggiore
The final village we mention, Riomaggiore is a typical Mediterranean area with its famous colorful stone house views. Visit the Church here, admire the landscape while strolling around, taste aromatic herbs and fresh fish named Anchovies.

Even if we didn’t mention, you should see the other villages Manarola and Corniglia and on the way to Riomaggiore and complete your enjoyful coast trip.

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